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Most home users are at the mercy of the big box stores that sell unnecessary support and warranties. They also use 3rd- party installers, who often do not turn on security or change default passwords; this means that anyone can access your home network. Installation companies do not generally integrate existing equipment, like printers; we will not leave until your computer system is working to your satisfaction.

Yes, we make house calls!

Unlike the big box stores, S.B. can help you avoid hours of frustration and assist you with making decisions about: •Computer Hardware: Analyze your current and future needs and make informed recommendations. •Software: Match software, equipment, and functionality to your family’s needs without the pressure of a sales rep. •Internet Providers: Provide insight on available options for your location and information about cost vs. functionality.  •Networking: Present the benefits of wired vs. wireless networks and securing them from the outside world. •Virus and Malware Removal •Computer and Hardware Repairs: Determine quickly if you need new equipment or just a new component. Upgrades and Installations: Take the guesswork out of performing these tasks. •AV Equipment: Integrate your network so that your computer and AV equipment work together and connect to the Internet. •Avast AntiVirus: Protect your computer and your information with this top-rated program. •Carbonite Backup Software: With digital cameras it’s so easy to store your memories—and even easier to lose them all with a simple hardware failure. •Malwarebytes Software: Prevent, detect and remove Malware before it can harm your computer.

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Simplifying technology for home users

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Virus and Malware


Over time even the best protected computers can get bogged down with viruses and malware. With few simple checks we can remove these unwanted programs and return your computer to its previous condition.
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